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Energy Efficient Toaster Gets a Big “DUH”

Wow! Even toasters are getting green makeovers.  As soon as I got over the glee of finding this, all I could think of was “DUH” why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!  The Ecolectric 2-slice toaster uses a third less energy than regular household toasters due to the auto-close lids over the bread slots. Ingenious!  The lids hold the heat in, which cooks the bread faster.  Hey- and that means less time spent waiting on breakfast.

Besides the lid feature, this energy efficient toaster looks like most other toasters.  It includes a reheat setting, a bagel setting (yay!), and a defrost setting.  The Ecolectric toaster is available at Ethical Superstore. Watch a video of this toaster in action.

November 9, 2008   1 Comment

Energy Saving Cooking Tips

Frigidaire stove with convection oven

With Thanksgiving preparation, and whirlwind of cooking plans underway, you may be wondering how to reduce energy use in the kitchen.  Here are a few green living tips for saving energy while preparing your Thanksgiving dinner….or any dinner!

Scrub, Baby Scrub: A blackened cooktop on your kitchen stove absorbs heat, and causes you to consume more energy, but a shiny stove top efficiently reflects energy into the cooking pan.  Now’s the time to clean your cooktop, and get ready for the Holidays.

Join the Hoods: Range hoods can help you quickly whisk away the extra heat in your kitchen, before you’re prompted to turn on the air conditioner!

Ugh…Clean the Oven: The last thing you wanted to hear, right?  Just like a dirty stove top, a grimy oven steals energy, and can cause foods to cook unevenly.  Ahem…just do it.  [Read more →]

November 6, 2008   2 Comments

Microwaves for Energy-Efficient Cooking

Did you know that using your microwave oven to cook a meal or a side dish uses 2/3 less energy than a traditional kitchen stove?  And, here’s the weird thing…minute by minute, microwaves actually use MORE power than your kitchen stove, but because microwaves cook so much faster, the overall energy use is less.

I know you must be thinking that microwave ovens turn out rubbery, gloppy food that no one wants to eat, right?  Although microwaves certainly aren’t the best choice for every meal, these appliances have come a long way, especially when it comes to quality results.

Some new microwave ovens use convection cooking, and even halogen lights to improve food quality.  The Sharp microwave/convection oven above combines microwaves with the circulating heat of a convection oven.  It has two racks for baking, and gives you the option to turn off the turntable when you don’t need it.

Here’s another energy saving tip:  Clean your microwave oven regularly, and it will use even less energy!

October 26, 2008   2 Comments

Green Cleaning Kit

If you’re new to green living, here’s an idea to help you get started in purchasing green cleaning products and recycled household products. It’s a green cleaning starter kit filled with a variety of non- toxic cleaners and recycled paper goods. Here’s what the green cleaning kit includes:

Phosphate Free Household Cleaner: An every day non toxic cleaning spray for cleaning the bathroom sink, kitchen appliances, and counter tops.

Biodegradable Dish Washing Soap: Plant-based soap for dishes and cooking pans.

Recycled Paper Towels: 80% post consumer waste.

Recycled Facial Tissues: 100% recycled, 20% post consumer waste.

All Natural Hand Soap: Biodegradable hand soap made with essential oils.

I think the Starter Green-kit available at Green-kit looks like a convenient way to take some of the initial confusion out of selecting green products, and choosing the ones you like the most.

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LED: A Green Lighting Choice

With all the recent publicity surrounding CFL light bulbs, it’s easy to forget about LED lighting as a green choice for environmentally friendly homes. Thanks to advancements in technology, LED lighting is becoming more affordable and used in more household light fixtures. Here are just a few of the benefits of LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes).

Longer-Lasting: LED lights blast the competition when it comes to longevity. According to some reports, LEDs last 10 times longer than CFLs, and last more than a hundred times longer than incandescent light bulbs. In addition, LED light fixtures can help you save money by conserving energy in your green home.

Cool to the Touch: LED lights, including LED flashlights and LED Christmas lights, operate on very little power, allowing them to burn cool and reduce the risks of children being burned and accidental fire.

Compatible with Solar Panels: If you’re making the green energy switch to a solar-powered home, you may want to consider LED lighting. Because they use such little electricity, LEDs are a great option for use with solar panels.

See more information about LED lighting.

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Solar Powered Cooking!

What comes to mind when you think of solar powered cooking? A caveman frying bacon on a hot rock maybe? Well, there is a modern day way of getting heat from the sun. If you are looking to live the green life, then you definitely want to learn about ways to cook with less fuel burning products.

Cooking with the Sun

This is a solar box cooker that can be made at home! You just need plywood or cardboard, which need to be placed inside of another wooden box. Fiberglass is used to insulate the materials within the box and there is a mirror on the lid directing the sunlight to the contents in the box under the glass. This can reach temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking with the Sun

This sun oven gets even hotter than the box cooker because it is more concentrated (check out the extra reflectors). You can cook all types of items from cookies to pasta.

Of course there is a downfall when it comes to getting free energy – you can only cook during daylight hours (between 11 am and 5 pm) and those hours have to be sunny. So cloudy days and nighttime hours are when the kitchen closes.

Domestic Home Solar Panels

But there is good news. If you don’t mind spending more money to really live green, you can purchase solar panels to energize your home, including your kitchen and conventional stove.

August 1, 2008   3 Comments

Green tip: eat local

One of the best ways to live green is to eat locally grown foods. Here’s why:

Transportation: Have you ever thought about the amount of energy it requires to transport food (or anything else) across oceans? It’s estimated that the average food item travels more than 1,500 miles before it reaches your table. Transporting fresh produce or other items grown or packaged overseas contributes to the growing environmental problems of air pollution, carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Health: By choosing local, organic foods you’ll be eliminating a host of toxins,preservatives, and pesticides from your dinner plate, and that’s a recipe for a long and healthy life!

So, do yourself and the environment a favor- reduce carbon emissions, save energy and eat healthier by choosing locally grown foods.

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Green hotel tips

Yesterday, we discussed how to pack for a green vacation. But how do you go green while on the road and staying in a hotel? According to the EPA, being away from the comforts of home comes with a brand new “to do” list for green living.

First, pack any food or snacks to take along in reusable containers. This is a great way to save a little cash on your green vacation and it will eliminate the waste that comes with individually wrapped snacks. Water and other drinks can be stored in stainless steel water bottles or other insulated containers.

Next, consider the ways you can implement green living ideas while at a hotel. Leave a note for housekeeping to let them know you don’t have to have your sheets changed every day. You can even hang your towels to dry and ask the housekeeper to leave them for the next day. By implementing just these two ideas, you’ll be saving water and conserving energy as part of your green vacation.

For more information about green hotels and green vacations, visit the Green Hotels Association.

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Montana monster munchies all natural cookies

If you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious treat made by an environmentally responsible company, check out these tasty delights. As I type this early morning post, these all natural, wheat free cookies are looking absolutely delicious.  Made by Montana Monster Munchies, the original recipe all natural cookie (there’s also an all natural raisin variety) contains whole grain rolled oats, sugar, all-natural peanut butter, semi-sweet chocholate chips, sweet cream butter, egg, water and baking soda.  These all natural cookies contain no preservatives, no additives and no wheat products.  Montana Monster Munchies wheat free cookies are available in several gift packs, including a combination pack that contains 2 dozen cookies for $40.  Shipping is included.  Pass the milk, please!


July 10, 2008   1 Comment

Stainless steel water bottles

The impact of plastic water bottles on the environment has recently been covered at length in the news and on daytime talk shows including Oprah. According to Earth 911, a website dedicated to green living, Americans purchase 28 billion plastic water bottles each and every year, and only a mere 13 percent of them are recycled. These stainless steel water bottles made by New Wave Enviro are a classy alternative to plastic. They’re available in 3 colors, hold a ½ liter of water each, and include a carabineer for attaching to your belt or backpack. You’ll find them at Nubius Organics. A few more words on the woes of plastic water bottles: In addition to the mounting piles of plastic water bottles in landfills everywhere, the use of plastic water bottles is criticized for the amount of petroleum it takes to produce them—a whopping 17 million barrels of oil per year! And, plastic water bottles have recently been suspected of leeching chemical residue into their contents. Stainless steel water bottles work great in conjunction with your own water filtration pitcher…see tomorrow’s post for a suggestion!

June 30, 2008   2 Comments