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Tic Toc…Recycled Wall Clocks

Recycled Sprocket Clock

Every home needs 1 or 2 wall clocks, so why not look for ones that tout your green living priorities?  The wall clock above is made from the reused chain sprocket of an old bicycle.  Each is hand made from recycled landfill parts, and measures approximately 6 inches in diameter.  The face of the recycled bicycle clock is made of paper, and it requires 1 AA battery. I found sprocket clocks at Green Home for $64 for a set of 2.

Here’s another recycled clock, known as the Juice Clock.  This one is made from recycled HDPE, the same plastic that many laundry soap bottles are made from.  The Juice Clock comes in lemon, orange, and grapefruit, and it is available at Re: Modern for $45.

Add either of these clocks to your green home decor, and you’ll have quite a conversation starter.

November 5, 2008   1 Comment

Non-toxic candles and tea lights

Green Nest candles

The aroma and flickering flame of a burning candle can certainly make any home feel more pleasant and inviting. However, in recent years candles have been criticized for containing lead and petroleum additives and numerous other toxins, causing concern for those worried about toxins in the air or for individuals with allergies or asthma. The good news is that cleaner burning and greener candles are becoming more readily available. I found these 100% natural soy tumbler candles and non-toxic tea lights at Green Nest. Perfect for enjoying a candle and maintaining fresh air, they’re petroleum-free, pesticide-free and contain no paraffin. According to Green Nest, the soy wax used in their all natural, hand poured candles is tested in a laboratory to guarantee purity. As an added plus, Green Nest soy candles are not tested on animals and contain all lead-free wicks. And, the cute little glass tumblers can be reused when empty.

June 26, 2008   No Comments

Wrapping cloth

Wrapping Cloth by Rikrak

Whether you make your mom a gift for Mother’s day or buy one, use wrapping cloth instead of wrapping paper. I found some beautiful wrapping cloths by Rikrak on Etsy, an they come in different colors and patterns. But if you’re crafty, you can make one just as easily on your own. The great thing about wrapping cloths is that they are reusable instead of disposable. You can re-purpose them later as journal or book covers.

May 9, 2008   2 Comments

Mother’s Day dedication

Grow Trees

This Mother’s Day give mom the gift of life - dedicate a tree in her name. For $ 25 you can dedicate a tree and for $ 100 a five tree grove, with the help of TreePeople. Your mom will receive a personalized certificate printed on recycled paper with original artwork.

May 9, 2008   2 Comments