Energy Efficient Toaster Gets a Big “DUH”

Wow! Even toasters are getting green makeovers.  As soon as I got over the glee of finding this, all I could think of was “DUH” why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!  The Ecolectric 2-slice toaster uses a third less energy than regular household toasters due to the auto-close lids over the bread slots. Ingenious!  The lids hold the heat in, which cooks the bread faster.  Hey- and that means less time spent waiting on breakfast.

Besides the lid feature, this energy efficient toaster looks like most other toasters.  It includes a reheat setting, a bagel setting (yay!), and a defrost setting.  The Ecolectric toaster is available at Ethical Superstore. Watch a video of this toaster in action.

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by Traci Latoz
Nov 09, 2008 in Eco-friedly Products, Green Appliances, Green Cuisine, Green Home, Green Living, Green Products
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1 Robin from Green Energy Efficient Homes { 11.10.08 at 8:39 am }

Great idea. I had figured all toasters were fully efficient since the heating element converts 100% of the electricity to heat - but of course much of that heat escapes - out the sides as well as the top, if it’s not well insulated.

I wonder how they deal with the humidity that comes from toasting bread. If you leave the top covered, won’t the humidity build up in that very small space within, and make the toast soggy?

Anyhow kudos to this company for coming up with a better toaster.

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