Green Thanksgiving Travel Tips

If you’re like millions of other Americans,  you may be planning to travel around Thanksgiving.  Here are some green travel tips for planning an environmentally-friendly Thanksgiving trip.

1) Invest in Quality Luggage:   If you’ve found yourself needing a new luggage set this year, resist the urge to save a buck on plastic, poorly constructed bags in favor of luggage that’s designed to last awhile.  After all, buying one quality luggage set that will last a decade, maybe longer, is much more environmentally-friendly than buying cheaper suitcases every couple years.  You’ll probably save money in the long run.

2) Toiletries:  Avoid purchasing those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.  I know, they’re awfully cute, but they’re a packaging nightmare, and close in price to their larger counterparts.  If you have room, just pack your full size toiletries, or buy a set of reusable travel bottles.

3) Green Hotels:  If you aren’t staying with your mother-in-law, look for a hotel that shares your green living priorities.  Don’t forget to ask if the hotel offers recycling for guests.  For help finding a green hotel, visit the Green Hotels Association.

The Samsonite luggage set above includes 2 wheeled suitcases with retractable handles, an upright tote bag, and a toiletry case.  The set includes a 10-year warranty, meaning you probably won’t have to replace it anytime soon.  I found the Samsonite luggage set at Luggage Online.

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by Traci Latoz
Nov 11, 2008 in Green Living, Green Tips
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