Green Halloween Ideas

Here’s the best idea in green Halloween decorations I’ve seen yet- a wreath made from garlic. Not only will this garlic wreath make an all natural addition to your Halloween décor, but you will have a good dose of vampire repellent hanging right on the front door (just in case). Here’s some information on garlic and vampire folklore to share at your Halloween party.

And don’t forget about solar-powered Halloween decorations for great green Halloween ideas. This evil little gargoyle is solar-powered, and he’ll creep out your guests with his illuminated green eyes when it gets dark. One of these on each side of your front steps would make a very Gothic entrance to your Halloween party. I found the gargoyle at Online Discount Mart.

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by Traci Latoz
Sep 26, 2008 in Halloween
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1 Kate { 09.26.08 at 1:53 pm } has lots of great ideas too.

Love the garlic wreath.

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