Cozy Up with Electric Blankets & Save Energy

Electric blankets are a great way to save energy,sleep toasty, and reduce heating bills in the cooler months.  By keeping your bed warm, there is no need to heat the rest of your home to room temperature during the overnight hours. Any electric blanket uses only a fraction of the energy of your home’s furnace, but if you want to save even more energy, select the most energy-efficient electric blanket you can find.

The electric blanket above uses only 25V of electricity, compared to the 120V used by most other electric blankets.  There’s a pre-warm feature that lets you quickly “preheat” your bed at the highest setting, before the blanket automatically switches back to its regular setting.  There is also an automatic 10 hour timer which will turn the blanket off if you forget.

The Safe & Warm electric blanket is available at Frontgate in twin, king, and queen sizes.  King and queen sizes have dual controls in case you and your sleep-mate differ when it comes to sleeping temps.

Always follow the safety recommendations included with your electric blankets.  Here are more electric blanket safety tips.

October 29, 2008   4 Comments