Turn Your Fridge into a Green Machine

You may have recently read our energy saving tips for your refrigerator.  Just to recap- they included keeping your refrigerator full, but not overly full, and selecting an Energy Star refrigerator.  But, did you know there are even more things you can do turn your refrigerator into an earth-friendly green machine?

Glass Storage Containers:  Storing food in glass containers, such as the Pyrex storage containers above, naturally keeps food colder, and reduces your refrigerator’s work load.

Vacuum Coils:  Every few months, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and cobwebs from your refrigerator coils.  Clean coils make for a more efficient refrigerator.  A soft bristled brush may also be handy for cleaning tight areas.

Avoid the Sun:  If your refrigerator sits in a sunny spot, either move it, or cover the nearby window with window blinds, or insulated curtains.  Source:  Ideal Bite.

The Pyrex containers above are available at Cookware.Com.

November 13, 2008   No Comments